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About Side Trippers

Side Trippers are a Southern California based pop-rock band consisting of fluid cast of live band and studio players supporting compositions by its sole constant member - singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Leo Hurd.

Over the course of three album releases Leo has supplemented his core guitar-bass-keys-vocals offering with performances by drummers Jim Keltner Vinnie Colaiuta Josh Freese Victor Indrizzo Gregg Bissonette Tamir Barzilay Randy Cooke Curt Bisquera Joe Porcaro Toss Panos Matt Laug Dennis Nilsson and Rob Koppensteiner. Bass sessions included performances by Max Bennett Matt Bissonette and Kevin Lambertucci. To widen the spectrum of sound horn imprints were performed by Steve Madaio Stan Freese and Ron Sanchez (Trumpet Tuba and Sax respectively) as well as keyboards from Jeff Babko and background vocals from Heidi Webster.

Album releases include Mythology and Impassioned Forces (2015) , Jacaranda (2018) , and Green (2020) . The 2016 Mythology and Impassioned Forces album tour took Leo Hurd around the U.S. performing a dizzying 50 shows in 50 states in 50 consecutive days!

The recent album project Green involved a collection of 10 songs with each song performed by a different A-list Los Angeles-based drummer - all performed on the same drum kit - the house kit at Tom Weir's Studio City Sound . This DW kit has a unique history and was originally built as a custom kit for a certain Mr. Perkins .


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